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If you are one of those who love a good hearty meal of the most exotic, juiciest and mouth-watering kababs straight from the smoky grills, Chagh Kabab is just the right place for you.

At our Kebab restaurant in Abu Dhabi, you will find the most delicious Turkish kebabs in the city with the classic aromas and flavors that make the Turkish cuisine one of the best ones in the world. Delve right into the heavenly modern Turkish recipes with the traditional Ottoman accents to complement the flavors of the famous Iskandar kebabs in Abu Dhabi at our restaurant right now!

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Who wouldn’t like to try out the best kebabs in Abu Dhabi in a beautiful restaurant near the sea! At our Turkish kebab restaurant in Abu Dhabi located at the famous Corniche street, we offer grilled meat, different types of Turkish kebabs, popular Turkish dishes, classic beverages and the most heavenly Turkish desserts in Abu Dhabi all under one roof.

We aim to make sure that you have the most amazing time at our restaurant which is why our expert chefs with excellent culinary expertise make special efforts to prepare exquisite dishes for you. From the humble Turkish bread to the best kebabs in Abu Dhabi, each bite is full of mouth watering flavours and spices, thereby making you want to visit us again and again at our beautiful Turkish restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

We Promise the Flavors that You will Never Forget and Convenient Turkish Kebab Delivery Near Me

At Chagh Kabab, it is all about bringing the historic flavors from Turkey all the way to a Middle Eastern city for the people who crave the exotic Turkish dishes in Abu Dhabi.

Dine in at our Turkish restaurant near the sea or take away your orders to enjoy the amazing kebabs with your friends and family. You can also avail Turkish kebab delivery near me services and get them delivered at your doorstep to enjoy heavenly and flavorful food right at your home.

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We invite you to our cozy Turkish restaurant in Abu Dhabi located at the famous Corniche Street. Enjoy the tastiest Turkish food at the most amazing prices. For placing orders or making reservations call us at our hotline 02 681 8166 right away.